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Project Description
Yet another BizTalk Deployment Tool to make it easier for BizTalk deployment that needs to support orchestration versioning, multiple environments. Features includes but not limited to: GAC Verification, Receive Locations and Send Ports management, Orchestration States management

  • Support multiple environment deployment with one package
  • Support GAC verification for BizTalk servers, validates following:
    • assembly name
    • assembly version
    • assembly culture
    • assembly public key token
    • assembly file version
    • assembly product version
    • assembly file size
    • assembly create date
    • assembly machine name
    • assembly paths
  • Enable receive locations
  • Start send ports
  • Manage orchestration states
    • Enlist
    • Start
    • Unenlist
    • Stop
  • Deploy/Un-deploy BRE policies
  • Import bindings
  • Start host instances
  • Resume instances that were suspended by administrator

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